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Shape Our Fremont
33 houses will fill this pasture and the barn will be replaced by a trailhead parking lot...

Ohlone College to review bids on April 16th
to lease frontage property for 300 apartments

Planning Commission hearing April 24th to review:
Bringhurst, Fremont/Decoto Townhomes,
Shannon Townhomes and Laguna Commons

The City Council postponed the vote on The Connolly Center
GPA to change from Commercial to Residential

NEW LARGE Developments in Preliminary Review Procedure

The scope of this website has been widened to include information on all residential developments planned for the City of Fremont.

See guides on:

  • The sequence of the residential development application process.
  • Asking questions about an application.
  • Voicing your concerns.
  • Attending the meetings.
  • Speaking at the meetings.
  • There will be notifications of any new residential development applications and where each stands in the application process.

    There are links to documents and municipal code that are posted by the City of Fremont.

    Find other ways for you to be involved in the process.

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