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33 houses will fill this pasture and the barn will be replaced by a trailhead parking lot...

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Alder Ave Subdivision City Council hearing tentatively January 13th

Niles Gateway  [Henkel/Shuckl Cannery] H.A.R.B. hearing tentatively January 15th

Dias Residential Planning Commission hearing tentatively January 22nd

City Council approved Beachwood Townhomes on December 16th

Palmdale Estates,  Mission Blvd Townhomes Revision
and  Warmington Connolly General Plan Amendment
all approved by City Council November 18th

Other Development Applications:
Osgood Residences,  Capitol Villas,  and  Peralta Crossing

Plus 2797 more housing units in 13 proposed developments
are undergoing a Preliminary Review Procedure (PRP)

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  • The sequence of the residential development application process
  • Asking questions about an application
  • Voicing your concerns
  • Attending the meetings
  • Speaking at the meetings
  • There will be notifications of new residential development applications and where each stands in the application process.

    There are links to documents and municipal codes posted by the City of Fremont.

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